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Best Chaat Served by Mitra di Chaat

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The word “Mitra Di Chaat” is thought to have originated from the chat patta flavor and experience, which is best described as salty, sweet, and tangy in most savory snacks and dishes. As the flavor strikes the edges of the tongue and you enjoy the slightly soggy crispness of the paper and other fried bread and pastries, it may also be derived from the term chaat’s, which means to lick.

Group of bombay chat food includes golgappa or panipuri, bhel-puri, sev-poori, dahipuri, ragda pattice, raj kachori etc. selective focus

Various chaat’s has its roots in various regions of India. Now that we know its flavor does not solely define Mitra Di Chaat, let’s look at the 5 varieties that we have all come to love.

1. Papri chaat

Chaat Papri

An Indian meal called papri chaat combines fried wafers (papri), tamarind and mint chutney, potatoes, yoghurt, and chickpeas. The ingredients are piled, and the chaat masala—a spice blend that comprises cumin, coriander, dried mango, and ginger, as well as chile, asafoetida, and black pepper—and sev—fried chickpea noodles—are typically sprinkled on top of the meal.

The dish is a typical street food item and is typically eaten as a handy, hearty snack. It can be found primarily in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and North India.

2. Dahi puri

Free photo rajasthani shahi raj kachori, stuffed with potato and sprout filling. served with curd, chutney and sev in a plate

The Maharashtrian dish dahi puri is made by hollowing out a puri shell, then stuffing it with potatoes, onions, chaat masala, and various chutneys. Finally, it is topped with beaten yoghurt, crunchy sev (crisp strands of flour), and a few fresh coriander leaves.

The name of this dish, which is a version of the well-known Indian street food known as panipuri, is a combination of the terms dahi, which is Indian for thick yoghurt, and puri, which is an oval-shaped, crispy-fried, puffy bread. Other ingredients can be added to the stuffing to improve it, such as sprouted mung beans or cooked black chickpeas.

3. Katori chaat

Photo aloo tokri chaat or potato basket stuffed chat or katori chat

Katori chaat or tokri chaat is a traditional Indian dish. It consists of small or medium-sized baskets that are made from grated fried potatoes. Once shaped and prepared, the baskets are filled with various chaat (Indian snacks) ingredients such as curd, potatoes, chickpeas, or chutneys.

There are many variations on katori chaat so it can also be filled with sprouts, onions, or tomatoes. Although most baskests for katori chaat are fried, they can also be baked, and the dish is sometimes garnished with coriander leaves before serving.

4. Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla


The dahi vada is present in this chaat in the forms of Dahi Bhalla (Punjab), Doi Bora (Bengal), Thayir Vadai (Tamil Nadu), Mosare Vada (Karnataka), and Perugu Vade, therefore its origins are unknown (Telangana)


The chaat’s name speaks for itself.

5. Sev Puri

Free photo dahi puri chat is an indian road side snack item which is especially popular in the state of maharashtra, india

This food has its origins in Bombay, and creating it requires skill. On a platter, papdis are placed first, then mashed potatoes, dahi, chutney, and sev are added. The method is similar to layering, and the outcome is divine.



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