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Cafe of the month – CAFE VELLA

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Delhi is unquestionably the cuisine capital of India, and here is where you’ll find cafes renowned for their inventive menus and artistic ambience. Every mood and every budget may be accommodated at a café in Delhi. If you’re on a café-hopping excursion, they’re dispersed throughout both remote and populated areas of the city.

cafe vella

There’s a good reason why tourists from all over the world swoon over the gastronomic alleys, roadside kiosks, boisterous dhabas, upscale eateries, and unique cafes of this booming metropolis. The food of the city has evolved throughout the years alongside the city itself, embracing the new, maintaining the old, and blending with cuisines from all across the nation thanks to the people who brought it here. The Dilwalon Ki Dilli is definitely distinguished by its cuisine. Do you desire a sample? Check out this top café in Delhi for delectable fare, a charming atmosphere, hospitable service, and prime locations.


Due to their top-notch performances, consistently high standards, alluring drinks, amazing music, and the most delightful atmosphere, you’ll want to remain here forever. cafe vellaYou must have caught a peek of this sleek and exquisite space in the Bollywood blockbuster “Tamasha” if you haven’t gone there previously. In addition to being one of South Delhi’s rockiest cafes, Social is a vibrant workspace that draws office workers and freelancers seeking a private location to work and have meetings.

Cafe Vella is the place to go if you want some rocking, soul-satisfying music, endless alcohol, and delectable burgers! If you’re lucky, you might catch some well-known bands, like The Local Train, performing there in the evening. Their playlist is always full of surprises. This location is steadily moving up the list of the top cafés in Delhi due to the availability of music, alcohol, and cuisine.

Cafe Vella offers waffles that are oh-so-delicious and worthy of death. Each of their three waffle flavours—banana and seasonal fruits with Chantilly toffee cream, cherries, and berries; chocolate crumbles, cheese, and sweet potato—comes in large quantities with a choice of whole wheat or plain dough. Each bite is a gloriously delicious joy. While you’re at Delhi Heights, don’t forget to sample one of Delhi’s best vella

The café itself is very genuine, wonderful, and without a doubt one of the cafes in Delhi that you must visit! This relaxed cafe enjoys experimenting, mixing well-known flavours and serving them on your platters every time in an entirely unanticipated shell. The ideal examples are their excellent Parle-G Cheesecake and Tempura Fried Prawns with foam! It is one of the top cafés in the heart of Delhi because of its “detox” tea infusions, delightful cocktails, mouthwatering desserts, and fusion cuisine. Also, they recently launched in Cyber Hub, which is already regarded as one of Delhi’s best new cafes.

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