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If you’re searching for something flavorful and nutritional, you’ve come to the ideal place. Offering Chaap Di Hatti Franchise in india. Hospitality and your health are our primary goals. We provide ready-to-eat meals at affordable rates without sacrificing quality. A variety of soy-based delicacies, kebabs, sauces, appetisers, and main dishes, are available from Chaap Di Hatti.

chaap di hatti


Types Of Soya Chaap

1. Soya Chaap Gravy

gravy chaap by chaap di hatti



Soy chirp is protein-rich and appetizing. This delicacy is purely vegetarian, but on par with non-vegetarian dishes. Soybean chirp curry made by skewering in a tandoor or clay oven is super delicious and easy to make. It is perfect for a dinner or dinner with family and friends.



2. Masala chaap


masala chaap



This chap recipe is packed with masala and savory flavors. First, the chirps are grilled and then marinated in cottage cheese, red chili powder, coriander powder, chaat masala, pepper and turmeric. Mix them well and let them sit for a while. Next, fry these chirp pieces in a skillet and enjoy with chutney.



3.Creamy soya chaap

Creamy chaap



We all love to eat something creamy and cheesy that fills our mouths with a silky texture that delivers an explosion of flavors from the first bite. Filled with butter, masala, heavy cream and cottage cheese, this creamy soy chirp is ready to serve.



4.Tandoori Tikka Dry Chaap

Chaap di hatti



Tandoori chap tikka is made by dipping cooked chap tikka in a marinade. The marinade for each chaps is made to taste. For this chap marinade, mix cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cloves, chopped onions, tomato puree, salt of your choice, chili powder, cinnamon powder, and amchoa powder. Served with green sauce and sliced ​​onions.


5. Haryali Chaap



Hariyari chap is grilled chap dipped in a marinade of chili sauce and other spices to give it a green look and add a spicy flavor.The chap is served with sliced ​​onions and topped with garam masala or chat masala. sprinkled.






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