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Chai served by chaishala under meta foods

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Tea is much more than just a morning beverage in India. Every Indian now incorporates it into their culture and daily lives. In fact, you will undoubtedly see chaiwallahs (tea vendors) warming up a hot Masala Chai for their clients if you take a stroll down any neighbourhood Indian road. Indians consume 837,000 tonnes of tea annually, making it the most well-liked and popular beverage in the nation.

Although it is known that tea was initially drunk in India in about 500 B.C. for medical purposes, the British are mostly responsible for tea’s rise to popularity. They taught the Indians how to make black tea with milk and sugar, which they eventually modified by adding spices to make the enduringly well-liked Masala Chai. In the 19th century, the British East India Company started producing tea in the Himalayan foothills. The most widely consumed types of tea in the nation now are Darjeeling and Assam.

In India, tea is regarded as the perfect beverage to accompany a variety of events. It’s the ideal method to enjoy a wet day, the cosy cup in the mornings of winter, and even the cooling beverage in the afternoons of summer. Tea is frequently drunk before important meetings, on bad days, and to improve good days since it is believed to awaken the senses and rejuvenate the mind and body.


Different chai offered by chaishala under meta foods

1. Doodh Patti Chai


Nothing has become more uniquely Indianized than chai, despite the fact that the British first established commercial tea planting in the nation at the beginning of the 19th century. This is a common beverage served throughout most of South Asia, whether in opulent drawing rooms or modest street shacks. It is made of boiling water, milk, sugar, tea, and occasionally fragrant spices. Ours is a milder variation of the well-known “masala chai” (spiced tea), making it the ideal companion to a simple moori-chanachur or more sophisticated evening snack. Prepare this cup of “doodh chai” for yourself when you feel deserving, not when you are in dire need of it.

2. Adrak Elaichi Chai


AUTHENTIC TASTE: With our Adrak and Elaichi-flavored chai patti, you may experience the traditional flavour of Masala Chai (tea leaves). Each cup will be filled to the brim with cardamom’s sweetness and ginger’s assertiveness. STRESS RELIEF AND IMMUNITY BOOSTER: The organic ginger and traditional Indian spices in our tea pack help ease stress and strengthen the body’s defences. Also strengthening the respiratory system is earthy ginger. MASALA FLAVOR: Our Adrak and Elaichi tea leaves provide the genuine flavours of masala chai with a wonderful fusion of taste and scent. Your pantry will be the ideal place for them.

3. Pudina Adrak tea

Pudina chai

When winter approaches, I begin to rely more on hot beverages to keep me warm, whether they be soups, teas, or coffee. The Pudina Adrak Chai or Ginger Mint Tea is one of my favourite teas.
Drink Pudina Adrak Chai to boost your immunity, lose weight, and more.
Green tea: This mint ginger tea might end up being a fantastic choice for you if you want a drink that keeps you healthy while also boosting your immunity. Drink Pudina Adrak Chai to boost your immunity, lose weight, and more.

4. Chocolate Chai

chocolate chai

Masala chai and chocolate are combined to create chocolate chai. It is a delectable black tea with a deep cocoa flavour and a beautifully balanced, sweet chocolate chai. For the chai lovers in your life, this hot beverage is ideal for curling up with on a chilly day, during the holidays, throughout the winter, or at any other time. You may modify the amount of spice to suit your tastes. If you have a chai spice blend on hand, you may also use it. I prepare this differently from Hot Chocolate Chai, which has a touch more spice, more chocolate, and is a little richer. Do not say “chai tea” since chai is the plural of tea. You say “tea tea” next.

5. Kesar tea

Kesar Chai

For your morning tea, you must try the Kesar Chai recipe. It is the most soothing Indian tea, and the saffron threads give it a delicate flavour. You could give it a try and serve it with some evening munchies like pakoras or samosas. Kesar Chai Recipe is a soothing beverage used as a teatime snack or even for breakfast in the morning. Tea is dyed a rich orange hue by adding saffron threads while the water is still boiling. After adding the tea leaves, give it a little time to brew to ensure that the tea stays mild and does not become bitter. A light tea like kesar chai is ideal for breakfast or an evening snack. As a late-night snack, serve the Kesar Chai Recipe with Samosa, Vegetable Bajji, or Pakora.


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