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How to attract more customers to your Restaurant

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We want to remind you of one of the most crucial things before we discuss with you some tested strategies for bringing in new clients to your restaurant. In the restaurant industry, it’s crucial to both increase the consumer base and pay attention to one’s frequent and devoted patrons.

Although it may seem apparent, many restaurant owners are so fixated on bringing in fresh clients that they completely overlook this crucial restaurant management advice. Nonetheless, they are frequently responsible for the influx of new visitors because if they are happy, their friends and the friends of their friends will learn about and wish to visit your establishment. When returning visitors talk about their experiences, they project an approachable and appealing picture, which their friends and neighbours will comprehend. We’ll go into more detail about social networks later, but for now, WOM operates through them.

Some strategies to attract customers to your restaurant

The following are the key inquiries you need to ask yourself before starting a business:

  • Who is your company’s target audience (TA)?
  • What will draw customers to a café, what fascinates these people?
  • What will you do to entice them?

How can you build a base of devoted clients so that you can stop worrying about bringing in fresh ones?
Who is your customer is the main query. You should identify your target audience (TA) and typical customers. What do they enjoy doing, how old are they, what motivates them, what do they read, watch, and travel for? Last but not least, what difficulties and needs do they have? They may be intrigued in what you have to offer, but are they likely to? How might your restaurant, bar, or cafe aid in their relaxation?

Utilize this information! Virtually all aspiring business owners overlook this. Answers to these questions should be written down on a piece of paper. You will have a clearer mental picture of your client after reading them aloud to others or to yourself. You’ll stop attempting to appease everyone and instead concentrate on a particular demographic. For instance, if you want to draw families to your restaurant, you should probably concentrate on becoming one of the best family-friendly eateries in the neighbourhood. Hopefully we were able to resolve it, and you can now focus exclusively on how to draw more people into your café, restaurant, or bar. These are five strategies to draw clients to your business.

1. Improve service all the time

You undoubtedly frequently wonder how to get consumers to your business. Make sure you uphold service standards first. No matter how many staff work in your place (2 or 10), the guest should experience no difference in service. Don’t forget to monitor your staff and provide them with the necessary training to be assured at their level of expertise.

Remember that your employees are the public face of your company; it is via them that you interact with clients, and they are primarily responsible for the establishment’s reputation. Hire those who enjoy talking and can maintain a conversation without being obtrusive to work as waiters and bartenders. These positions are not suitable for shy persons.

The first person who should notice that the customer’s glass needs to be filled is the waiter. The customer will be pleasantly surprised if he hasn’t already requested it. But, refrain from doing it on your own without asking the visitor first.


One of the most important aspects of restaurant marketing that can be managed directly through your restaurant POS system is the loyalty programme. Every programme should aim to foster a positive relationship between patrons and the venue rather than merely bringing in more business. Discovering exactly what customers want to order and what they might be interested in on a subsequent visit is the first step in creating a successful loyalty programme for a restaurant. Provide customer surveys and attendance data for a predetermined time frame, such a month or a week. The primary objective of the loyalty programme is to maintain the location’s level of demand, which guarantees a consistent stream of repeat customers. Allow the chef or his staff to interact with the guests by speaking to them. Of days, this is uncommon in small towns.

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2. Create your own unique menu

The menu serves as both an incentive to bring in new consumers and a foundation for retaining existing ones. To begin with, you must astound your guests with your meal. Cooking should be of the greatest calibre, even if the recipes are not absolutely awesome (no Michelin stars here!). You can experiment with the cuisine and drinks you serve at your bar. You can improve your beverage programme by using the information about the most popular and least popular goods that was gathered in your coffee shop pos system. Don’t forget to present the menu items in a unique way.  Whether you substitute cornbread crunchies for rye-bread crunchies, for instance.

The major objective of a successful cafe or restaurant is to serve good meals to its patrons because this is what will keep them coming back. Unquestionably, atmosphere and design are crucial, but if you can’t satisfy your customers’ culinary needs, no amount of creative ingenuity can help you attract more customers.

Not to mention the scent! In a coffee shop, the air should smell like freshly ground coffee; in a steakhouse, the aroma of roast meat and spices should be more subtle. Instead of the scent of McDonald’s that develops when tastes combine in the kitchen, the place should have a pleasant, enticing aroma.


3. Maintain the ambience of the Restaurant location

The target demographic directly affects the interior and ambiance, so this idea should unquestionably become one of the methods used to draw clients into restaurants. It is not the best idea to convert a small space in a remote area of the city into a high-end restaurant. Instead, put your attention on the website and develop a well-thought-out narrative that gives the impression of a Mom-and-Pop business.

The atmosphere is an extremely complex issue that depends on specifics. The specifics highlight the chosen direction and style, adding that special “something” to your setting. Unique table settings and lighting, room divisions based on cuisine and colour, frescoes, colourful patchwork sofas, a wide selection of mementos, and more. The specifics will stick out more, but we shouldn’t duplicate a successful idea verbatim from another interior; it won’t work. Customers won’t discuss something as new if they have already seen it, after all. Yet, it is a good idea to copy a few ideas and then add your own particular nuances.

A large, eye-catching exterior sign is among the most crucial components for drawing in new customers. Instead of a loud billboard or large text covering every window that neither guests nor bystanders can see through, use an intriguing design that sets you apart from the surrounding areas. Unless, of course, the reverse is part of the designer’s plan, the entry to the place should typically be in harmony with the interior concept.  Contrast is used in this instance to create a surprise impact, which is a distinctive quality.

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4. Promote the location in social media

There are various restaurant marketing tactics, but the most of them boil down to handing out flyers while wearing a ridiculous costume on the street or running an advertisement in the neighbourhood paper. Employ a promotional designer, have pamphlets printed, and take to the streets every day of the week to dominate the neighbourhood. Some restaurant owners go a step further and offer value by including a small bonus or a one-time discount in these pamphlets. Regrettably, the majority of these colourful scraps of paper wind up in a neighbouring garbage can or, worse yet, on the sidewalk right outside your door. There is, undoubtedly, a small point to this, Also, it can damage your reputation in the eyes of your TA.


So how can you properly advertise your own café, eatery, or bar? Using social media and the internet is the quickest way to gain more clients. Thus, the first thing to do is to learn how to advertise your business on Instagram. Currently, it’s difficult to picture a social media presence without Friday images from some kind of destination. Where the name of the location is likely to be, they added geolocation markings and a tonne of hashtags. Urge your audience to post these articles. We cannot function nowadays without social media, thus you must have active accounts and groups! Purchase search engine marketing to draw in more clients.


At the very least, you should build a profile on Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor and populate it with images from restaurants, descriptions of meals, and other details that would be of interest to your intended audience. By the way, using this strategy can help you draw customers to your business.


5. Create special offers

Sales promotions, limited-time deals, and loyalty programmes all have the primary purpose of increasing revenue and average check, but they also improve traffic. You can improve your reputation by coming up with creative promos that draw people, but if the offer is solely intended to drive business to a restaurant, you will lose out. Be extremely cautious when organising and launching the promotion.

Using an automation system to configure promotions is recommended.

Some other ways to attract customers to restaurant


As a quick reminderwe decided to create a short list of essential strategies that should draw visitors to your business and boost traffic:

  • Promotions, limited time discounts, complimentary beverages, business lunches, etc. are available in the morning and at lunch.
  • Evening events include live music, DJs, and workshops.Make a calendar of celebrations and activities.
  • Let clients to reserve tables.
  • Offer “live” bonuses that offer visitors a reward right away. For instance, the order is free if the service takes longer than 20 minutes.
  • If you own a nightclub or bar, don’t forget to provide free beverages to female patrons! More guys will come to your home as more women get interested in your offer.
  • If you choose a wealthy TA, don’t rush to cut pricing. It is preferable to raise the serving sizes and include a dish that none of your rivals
  • offer on their menus. Even if it doesn’t have a huge profit margin, it will nevertheless boost the reputation of your area. 
  • If your coffee shop is small, scatter magazines, newspapers, and even books around the space.
  • And once more: snap pictures, upload them on social media, and advertise the area by having guests of your own.

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