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Restaurant tools and equipment (Meta Foods)

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What percentage of your restaurant’s costs are for food?
Instead of using exact numbers, most restaurant owners will use percentages to represent food prices. This is referred to as the food cost % of a restaurant.

It is computed by dividing the overall costs for a given time by the total sales for that same period (for example, the period cost) or by dividing the cost price of a menu item by the sales price (for example, the plate cost), then multiplying the resulting ratio by 100.

What is equipment for restaurants?

The tools and appliances used in a commercial kitchen to prepare, cook, and serve food are referred to as restaurant equipment. It encompasses anything from hardware and software to kitchen utensils and appliances (including ovens, freezers, and food storage containers) (like kitchen displays & point of sale systems).

Checklist of necessary restaurant kitchen appliances

Depending on the type of food you sell and the level of service you provide, your restaurant will require different tools and equipment than, say, a quick-service burger business. Having said that, some of the equipment used by each restaurant is similar.

An extensive list of the necessary kitchen supplies used by the majority of restaurants can be found below.

1. Ovensoven kitchen tool and equipment

The oven is a crucial piece of equipment in your arsenal for commercial kitchens. The kind of oven you’ll want will mostly rely on the kind of restaurant you’re opening and the food you’ll be serving. You might not require the same kind of oven for your bakery as you would for your fine-dining establishment.

2. Size

The size of the oven you should buy depends depend on how much room you have in your kitchen. Knowing how much space you actually have for your oven will help you plan the layout of your commercial kitchen. To determine the capacity you require, it’s also crucial to consider how much food you expect to prepare during a service.

3. Qualityquality of restaurant tool and equipment

The choice of an oven and range that can resist use and time might mean the difference between success and failure because they are the centre of your kitchen. Be sure to research the various brands, testimonials, warranties, and service agreements that might be associated with it.

4. Function

This will be greatly influenced by the kind of cooking you intend to conduct at your restaurant. Choosing between an electric and a gas stove is the first step. Identifying the kind of oven you require is the next step. Your needs will differ from those of a fine dining restaurant if you’re operating a bakery or coffee business.


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