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Unique dishes introduced by meta foods

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Although the term “melting pot” is often overused to describe India, it also perfectly captures the essence of this nation. When it comes to India, every component that makes up a culture is a kaleidoscope of colours. Truly, each category—from the things we wear to the things we speak to the things we eat—is drenched with an overwhelming amount of variation. And if, for some reason, you decide to travel to India just to learn about “Indian dishes,” the variety you encounter every 100 kilometres is incredible.


I genuinely believe that the phrase “Indian dishes” is very simplistic. Because India doesn’t have a single uniform cuisine type that we like eating together. Every area you visit will have very location you visit will welcome you with a meal that is completely unique from the last in terms of its substance, presentation, and flavour. All of this is to imply that Indian cuisine consists of much more than just a bowl of curry. And while we’re sure you can get Indian food wherever you go, there are some dishes that are so exclusively Indian that your chances of finding their end at the country’s border in most other places.

Unique dishes introduce by meta foods cafes

1. PEPPERONI & CHEESE pizza dish by Cafe abstract

pizza dish

I know most of you may think I’m crazy for saying this, but I never really liked pepperoni pizza. I am aware that this is typical of Americans, but I have always enjoyed pizzas with toppings like tomato basil or spinach and artichoke. Then, once upon a time, I ate a pepperoni pizza with fresh oregano on top. My entire perspective on pepperoni pizza was altered by it. Even though it’s a minor modification to the conventional pepperoni pizza, adding some freshness makes a tremendous impact. And the combination with pepperoni is perfect. Why not make oregano the star of the pizza by letting it shine?

2. Super veggie burger dish by Cafe Nurah

“You get a genuine riot of flavour and texture with these flavour-packed vegetable burgers, which are stuffed with creamy chickpeas, smokey paprika,

super veggie burger dish

fresh coriander, and lemon. Kids can easily prepare these patties, so let them explore different flavour pairings and don’t be afraid to be creative with your toppings. The remaining coriander leaves and lemon juice may be added to a container of store-bought houmous to give it an extra boost. Coriander leaves should be chopped finely and added to the houmous along with a splash of lemon juice. If you like a little heat, add some finely chopped red pepper or dried chilli flakes.

3. Greek salads by Cafe Vella

greek salad dishesI enjoy a nice green salad, and kale, romaine, and mixed greens are some of my go-to ingredients for making light, nutritious dishes. Nonetheless, all veggies are at their best during the summer. There are many sweet, juicy tomatoes, vibrant bell peppers, and fresh cucumbers. This Greek salad dish just requires a few ingredients and is tasty and refreshing since the veggies are at their best. There are only 7 ingredients total, including a simple homemade Greek salad dressing. During the past several weeks, it has become a favourite at our family gatherings; my mother even added it to her regular recipe rotation. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

4. Chaap roll dish by chaap di hattichaap roll dishes

Most days, we have a typical South Indian meal for supper along with other cuisines, as many of you who read my posts are aware. Sometimes we break the routine and have North Indian or Chinese for lunch. The excellent and hearty “rolls,” whether they are made of soy, paneer, or aloo, are one of our favourite meals. My own favourite food is soy. But, if you want to actually bite into the roll and savour the flavour, it must be made with fresh soya and not with “out-of-the-box pieces.” Before a few years ago, it was difficult to find fresh soya chaap, which is a huge soy chunk on a stick that has been dusted with flour. We used to only appreciate it while we were dining al fresco. But now I can purchase it at the local veggie store. Just obtain these fresh chaaps and use them to make a variety of treats, including rolls.

5. Shawarma by f- spot

shawarma dishesMeat is chopped into thin slices, piled in a cone-shaped pattern, and roasted on a slowly rotating vertical rotisserie or spit in the popular Middle Eastern cuisine known as shawarma. Shawarma is said to have originated in the Ottoman Empire. In addition to the traditional ingredients of lamb or mutton, you can also use chicken, turkey, beef, or veal. As it rotates continually, the baked surface is shaved off in thin slices. Popular throughout Saudi Arabia as well as the rest of the Middle East, including Egypt, Iraq, and the Levant, shawarma is a type of street cuisine.


The love of food, in my opinion, is the universe’s most pure, most genuine, and mutually beneficial affection. The globe offers a wide selection of foods, flavours, and spices to offer. There are several such distinctive foods throughout the globe that will make you want to travel to such nations merely to sample their cuisine.


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