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Why F-SPOT better than Rolling King

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The F – Spot was founded by a food enthusiast in October 2021 with a vision to revolutionize the shawarma industry of Delhi NCR. Our menu is backed by detailed research to recognize and cater to a diverse customer range to relish authentic recipes with good quality and reasonable prices.


Soon completing a successful year in the competitive food industry, The F –Spot has set a mark in the heart of Delhi with a loyal customer base. Every day a considerable amount of new customer range with overwhelming responses towards our products and guest services has been a huge factor in inspiring us to lead towards further endeavors.

Currently, we are operating through our brand’s first store in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. Thoroughly understand your brand, vision/ ideology, products, and representation. Comprehensive and clear knowledge of your brand’s positioning, competition in the market, and customer preferences. Its correlation with your individual targets makes the perfect recipe to be freshly served. An aligned vision with shared enthusiasm among founders, associated partners, managers, and team is the ultimate foundation of any brand. We follow a systematic procedure of a comprehensive training period for
all our employees.

Why F-SPOT better than Rolling King

F-Spot Franchise Model is FOFO and there are Area Required is 600 sq ft. Area For Expansion PAN INDIA and there is Min Investment is 13.50 lacs and Max Investment is 30 lacs. Mr. Paras is a food enthusiast and has worked for numerous multinational corporations. He has plenty of expertise in the culinary business. He considers studying statistics in the food industry as a hobby. After finishing all his food-related coursework, he created his own company, F-Spot. People find the F-spot fascinating since they have a unique moniker for its location. F-Spot fosters a family atmosphere for all food enthusiasts. Mr. Paras serves with enthusiasm and affection, which sets him apart from the others despite receiving the F-Spot.



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