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Why Zhoomar is better than Ghoomar

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Zhoomar is a vegetarian Rajasthani Restaurant. This restaurant, They serves pure Rajasthani Food like Rajasthani Thali. You may have all the ghee-free dals, subzis, and many more Dishes, as well as multigrain buns, without feeling guilty. You enter the dessert department, where you may find Shahi tukda, Rajasthani barfi, and other sweets.


This Restaurant give all the Typical Rajasthani foods and deserts with authentic taste.  Also they give a traditional Rajasthani Ambiance  and vibes.

A meal signifies more than just food; it also serves as a time for relaxation and enjoyment of the cuisine. For these events, people have eateries that combine delectable dishes in a lovely setting. There are two renowned eateries in Lima. Both of them, “Zhoomar” and “Ghoomar” are very distinct from one another.

The eatery combines traditional Rajasthani food with a subzis, elegant setting. The meals on offer are excellent. This restaurant is popular because it not only serves delicious food but also has a excellent  staff and services. The fact that they raise their own lambs and give them on the menu, along with the spices they also use to prepare the dishes, set it apart from other eateries. Due to the fact that many of “Zhoomar” recipes have been imitated by other eateries, it has a significant influence in Lima.


Zhoomar restaurant giving a franchise in 50 to 60 lack and if you compare with Ghoomar they giving there franchise in 1 cr. Zhoomar also give a more than dishes to Ghoomar. This one differs from the other because they regularly change the menu to include a variety of foods. The dishes that are being provided are made with novel species and ingredients. They also have a stunning area. Although it is less exclusive than the other one, it offers a wider selection of unusual and Traditional foods. The proprietors of “Zhoomar Restaurant” see their business as a laboratory where they can create new dishes using age-old methods. People have many options for eating various dishes in various types of restaurants in Lima and throughout the entire globe. We can test them all out until we discover the one that truly makes us feel better.


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